Become a Volunteer

Everyone has skills and energy to contribute so we encourage PFLAG members and supporters to become a PFLAG volunteer. Your membership makes us stronger but your participation helps us get our important work done and that is extremely appreciated.

We provide training to ensure that you are fully prepared for whatever volunteer opportunity you pursue. If you are not sure of what to volunteer for or if you would like additional information before deciding, just contact us (¬†or 206-325-7724) or come to one of our support meetings. We’ll be happy to discuss with you the kind of time and energy needed to volunteer. We have many opportunities and can find one that perfectly matches your interests. The list below is just a sample. If you have an interest you’d like to help us pursue, please let us know. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you.

Helpline Volunteers

Review the messages left on our helpline and return messages or refer callers to appropriate persons or agencies. You may be the one person that makes a connection with someone in need. For callers it may be as simple as hearing someone say that they are not alone and that PFLAG is here to help. If you would like to volunteer for this crucial link to parents, family members, friends and those in need, please contact us. You can volunteer for as little as two weeks at a time.

Hospitality Team Members

Arrive a little early for support meetings to help prepare the meeting room for the meeting; set up chairs and display tables, unlock doors, turn on lights, start brewing the coffee and arrange for other refreshments to be brought, greet guests at our “welcome” table and help clean up afterward. It’s really simple, but it’s an important responsibility. Plus, it’s a great way to meet new people and to get to know current members.

Speakers Bureau Outreach

Our PFLAG Speakers Bureau consists of volunteers who go out into the community to share their own personal stories to help others understand what PFLAG is all about. This may include speaking to youth groups, schools, places of business, college classes, community service fairs and corporate diversity groups. It’s a great way to meet new and interesting people, and to get fulfillment that you are educating others and making a difference!

Info Table Outreach

PFLAG Seattle makes a great effort to be visible in the Seattle LGBTQ community and beyond by participating in local functions and community and cultural events. Our team has compiled a complete set of informational materials and display equipment to present a professional yet fun and welcoming presence at a variety of events. Usually working in teams of two or more, we have staffed information booths at the Fiestas Patrias, Boeing Employment Fairs, UW BGLAD Fair, Seattle Gay Pride Festival, and many other community events. Staffing information tables is a fun way to meet others and to answer questions about PFLAG and our services. Let us know if you’d like to join us and we’ll keep your name handy for the next event!

PFLAG Development Efforts

PFLAG Seattle wouldn’t be where it is today without the kindness of its members and donors. How we educate and inform the community about PFLAG is vital. We are constantly in search of new funding sources and ways to reach out to the LGBTQ community to help us carry out our mission of support, education and advocacy. Members of this committee work together to network and provide funding opportunities for PFLAG. If you would like to help in our fundraising and promotion efforts, please let us know.

Lending Library Coordination

This group of dedicated volunteers ensures that we have a lending library of books, videos and audio tapes available at every PFLAG support meeting. They bring the materials to the meetings, display them for easy viewing, and provide suggestions for those looking for information on a particular topic. They also handle check-out and check-in and are always on the lookout for new materials to add to the extensive collection. If you enjoy working with books and other informational materials, join this team today!

Support Team Member

Perhaps the most rewarding thing you can do in PFLAG is to be one of our support team members. These volunteers simply attend PFLAG support meetings eager to listen to the stories of others and to share their own stories to help others gain insight, understanding, confidence and compassion. No training is required, only a desire to support others through your own individual journey. And you’ll undoubtedly find a personal sense of growth as well. Can’t beat that! No sign up needed here — just attend any of our three monthly support meetings.

PFLAG Seattle
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